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The NEXT generation in bellhousings!
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"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

ProBell & SCS Gearbox – Your Pulling Driveline One-Stop Shop!

Top Hat Top series bellhousing photoWho should you contact when you need help figuring out a pulling driveline issue or assistance finding a driveline part? Well, the answer to that question is easy - it’s us! One quick call, or email, to ProBell connects you with decades of truck and tractor pulling experience, precision engineering knowledge and manufacturing expertise. The team at ProBell and SCS Gearbox probably know what you need and how to get it.

We carry everything from bellhousings to gearboxes, hubs and axles. We are a Crower clutch dealer, so we can hook you up with a high-quality clutch, and we have contacts throughout the industry that we can connect you with if we don’t happen have what you need. We even have the capability to manufacture custom parts when the need isn’t exactly standard.

In truck and tractor pulling, the smallest of details can have a very big impact on performance. Small details can be the difference between coming in first or coming in second. ProBell and SCS Gearbox are dedicated to finding ways to constantly improve on our parts and we pay attention to all of the details.

We constantly analyze data looking for ways to improve the design of our parts so they will perform at the highest levels possible for our customers. From our Probell Top Hat series bellhousings, Top Hat Smoker series bellhousings, Lightweight Hybrid bellhousings, Diesel pulling bellhousings and kits, bellhousing accessories to our SCS Gearbox high-performance transmissions, quick change transfer cases and our quick-change gears.

If you are looking for a bellhousing, bellhousing accessory, transmission, clutch, hub or something custom, get in contact with us! We’re your one-stop shop for your pulling driveline needs. Our staff has been around the industry for decades and we are here to help you out!

If it doesn’t say Probell, it’s just a can!

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Fax: 419-483-4741

"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

We build custom bellhousings and accessories...

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