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Bruce Mullins OTLPBy: Bruce Mullins

Three seasons ago I put a ProBell Hybrid Bruno Drive bellhousing in my blown Pro Mod, and went straight to ProBell for the bellhousing. The bellhousing went right in the car without any issues and still to this day goes in and out smooth as the day it went in. I’ve had many bell housings over the years but the ProBell by far is the best.

I have also been using one of their Billet Steel Flexplates for an entire season and it is by far the best flexplate I have ever owned. The shim kit made it so simple to set the end play on the converter, but the biggest thing is that the converter bolts NEVER loosened all season like they would do every few runs with other brands of flexplates. I definitely recommend ProBell Racing Products to everyone.

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John Hale Loud Pedal

By: John Hale

When it came to deciding on a new bellhousing. Price, weight and re-certs were the main factors on choosing Probell. Two Championships and 200 runs later I know I made the right decision. At 2lbs. lighter (than titanium) and re-certs every 2yrs. Probell has saved us time and money as well as helped us go fast. Thanks Probell!

Probell Products Used: PN620004 (click to view)

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"If it doesn't say PROBELL, it's just a can!"

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